Sustainable Projects is unequal parts Consultancy and Collaboratory. Lead Catalyst for sustainable change on all sustainable projects is Bec McMaster.

The Collaboratory is a space for focused collaboration on interdisciplinary projects for greater impact and shared success.

Sustainable Projects seeks to also collaborate on your projects – how can we help?

Check out what is happening in the Co-lab! We’ll be keeping an up-to-date log of sustainable action here

INS-coming-soon-to-nzYou may have heard of our latest project partnering with Good On You (Australia) to bring their ethical fashion rating app to New Zealand. Our crowdfunding campaign was hugely successful (completed 22 May) and now we’re working on brand research for the 350+ brands that the app will launch in NZ with.

We’re always looking for collaborators to work with us in the Collaboratory, if you’d like to help please get in touch, see contact page for details.

You’ll find more about bringing Good On You to NZ on our website here, alternatively check out www.goodonyou.org.nz for ongoing updates.





I borrow the term collaboratory from innovator and change agent Christopher Chavez of Prime Produce – a modern day guild of social innovators that focus on nourishment rather than the growth economy – check them out!

Sustainable Projects can offer you a strategic partnership to increase the impact of your project, business or community with a sustainable focus.

Bec thrives on working alongside you to realise your great ideas. Ensuring your path to success is built on a foundation of economic, environmental and social sustainability for the long term.
As a natural systems thinker Bec excels at exploring the big picture and finding leverage points for the kind of change or innovation you want to make.

Sustainable Projects utilises the human-centred design thinking process for effective problem solving to ensure resilience and prolonged engagement by your target market, staff or community.

We’re definitely not a one-size fits all offering, and that is our point of difference – we bring tried and tested design, systems and sustainability methodologies to your projects that can be customised for a perfect fit for your unique working environment or project.

Let’s start the conversation and work together to deliver resilient and impactful projects that are sustainable for the long term.