Industry Opportunity #NZFW 2015

Together in collaboration:


want to encourage a positive dialogue around sustainability and fashion in NZ


Space Between and Sustainable Fashion Collab have joined forces to incite change in the industry.

We want to raise the value of fashion in contemporary society to support and encourage the industry to tell their stories to encourage a positive dialogue around sustainability and fashion.

We would like to facilitate an opportunity for NZ brands to share information about their supply chain during NZ Fashion Week to advocate for what NZ designers are doing particularly in regards to slow fashion and alternatives to mass-produced high waste garments.

 We would like for your company to share on social media three pieces of information:

1. A photo of your studio

 2. Reveal your supply chain (how is it different to fast fashion?)

 3. Reveal a sustainable technical/process element of your work (this could be at the design stage, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, use, care and end of life).

 Please use the following hashtags and twitter handles: #SNZFW #sustainablefashion @teambetween @Fashion_Collab

With this information we will further promote your brand on social media during NZ

Fashion Week and share with news media as appropriate.


We want to assist the NZ media in asking the ‘right’ questions about fashion and the design process. We look forward to spreading the word about the amazing work NZ designers to share these stories with the public and raise the public perception about the value of fashion in contemporary society.

 Happy fashion week!

Fashion Revolution