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19 April 2016




Dunedin-based social enterprise Sustainable Projects is aiming to bring Australia’s premier ethical fashion rating app, Good On You, to New Zealand with a crowdfunding campaign.

The Pledgeme crowdfunding campaign will launch during Fashion Revolution Week (#FashionRevolution), on Earth Day, Friday 22 April.

Bec McMaster, Lead Catalyst of Sustainable Projects, has partnered with Good On You Australia, a social enterprise run by Ethical Consumers Australia to bring their highly popular app to New Zealand consumers.

Ethical fashion is fast becoming a hot topic in New Zealand. “As Kiwis seek more information about the clothes they’re buying they’re finding it challenging to determine just how sustainable or ethical brands really are,” says McMaster. (1)

The innovative app will provide ethical ratings for more than 350 fashion brands available in New Zealand. The easy to use 5 point rating system is focused on a brand’s impact on people, the environment and animals.  Ratings are informed by reputable and rigorous third party industry certifications you can trust, like Fairtrade and the Global Organic Textile Standard. (2)

Good On You CEO Gordon Renouf says: “People are increasingly interested in where their money goes. We want to help them choose brands that do good for our world.”

The app also tailors to people’s personal style, values and helps you find the closest retailer. But most importantly, you can send a message to brands inside the app, congratulating them or urging them to do better. This is fashion activism!

“Fashion is self‐expression, and it can be much more than just looking great. It can be an expression of our moral and ethical values via the products we buy,” explains McMaster.

Sustainable projects is seeking $12,000 to develop the app specifically for New Zealand brands and consumers. Funds will go towards back-end app development to allow the app to work in both countries; gathering brand and retailer data; validating brand ratings; and initial support and maintenance. The app will be launched for free this August/September, pending successful crowdfunding.

The Good On You app was launched in Australia in November 2015 after a successful crowdfunding campaign. There are now over 16,700 Australian users. McMaster is confident there is a similar appetite for this service in New Zealand, but it will need the support of New Zealanders from the crowdfunding campaign in order to make it possible.

To show support head to our PledgeMe campaign, or attend a fundraising screening of the fashion documentary The True Cost in one of the three major centres. (3)

Website: Instagram:@GoodOnYou_app_NZ

Facebook: GoodOnYouNZ   Twitter: @GoodOnYou_NZ

For media enquiries please call Bec McMaster, Lead Catalyst – Sustainable Projects 021 686 224.


1. 81% of New Zealanders find the way businesses talk about their social and environmental commitments confusing and hard to understand (Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report, 2015).
2.  More on rating system here:
3. Screening info here:



23 August 2015 – Fashion Week 2015 – Sustainable Fashion


New Zealand Fashion Week – Sustainability – #NZFW #SNZFW #sustainablefashion

With New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 in full swing this week, the Sustainable Fashion project wants to know where the issue of sustainable fashion sits on the radar for New Zealand designers and consumers.

Bec McMaster is the Lead Catalyst at Sustainable Projects, who have just launched the Sustainable Fashion project – a new collaborative initiative to raise awareness among consumers, fashion labels and retailers through a pop-up exhibition and shop that will tour the country in 2016 and beyond.

Bec says the Sustainable Fashion project is an effort to make sustainable and ethical fashion more accessible to consumers. “We are interested in understanding the New Zealand consumer’s position on sustainable fashion and are launching a short survey for all New Zealanders to take part it in. We encourage everyone to take part in this quick four minute survey.”

We are also keen to hear from New Zealand designers who have made a conscious effort to think about how they source materials and services to produce their garments. “One of our aims is to engage all levels of the fashion community from fashion students, emerging designers, established brands, retailers, buyers, producers, manufacturers, industry experts and fashion media in an on-going conversation about sustainable and ethical fashion choices.”

“Ultimately we want to make it easier for consumers and the industry to find out what they need to know about sustainable fashion and empower consumers to make conscious choices about their purchases.”

“Climate change is one of the key issues for our generation, however it can seem like an insurmountable challenge for individuals to tackle. We believe that by providing good information to consumers about sustainable (and ethical) fashion, something we all interact with on a very personal and daily level, this can arm consumers to bring about positive change.”

If you would like to find out more about the Sustainable Fashion Project please visit

You can contact Bec McMaster at 021 686 224

Sustainable Fashion – Press Release – 23 August 2015